Halbtotal film production

An overview of the films from 1994 until today

Art front - Ukrainian artists in a state of emergency

Russia's brutal war of aggression against Ukraine has been going on for a year. How do artists experience the situation? What does it mean to create art under permanent threat and fear? The film shows inside views of the war. → more infos

Back in the war

The Homecoming of Photographer Juri Kosin
D 2022, 39 min. → more infos

Black Box Syria - The dirty war

Germany 2020, 88 Min. → more infos

Cultural Revolution in Polish

A documentary about the cultural-political situation in today's Poland. → more infos

The Germans and the Poles

History of a neighbourhood. Documentation in four parts with numerous game scenes. → more infos

Room for the river

A film about new flood control technologies in the Netherlands. → more infos

Limit S.O.S.

A tragic-comic short film about the madness of economic growth. → more infos

Anne Frank and the children of war

A film about the grief of the children in times of war and the Holocaust. → more infos

Murderers among us

Fritz Bauer’s lonesome fight. → more infos

Gloria and Exodus

History of the Silesian Nobility. → more infos

Fortune’s Shepherd

The film shows pictures of an untouched and isolated mountain world and his inhabitants on the edge of Europe. → more infos

Night above Germany

November pogrom 1938. → more infos

Struggle for survival

Poland under German occupying. → more infos

Duel with Hitler

Assumption of power 1933. → more infos

Until death and beyond

A film about a courageous theatrical project and the unusual view of the children to their illness. → more infos

Red in red

A short film about a light installation of Wolfgang Rang. → more infos

Light fountains

A short film about a light art project of Wolfgang Rang. → more infos

Moments of history

100 films on the central subjects of the German history of the 20th and 21st century. → more infos

The divided class

The author takes on a journey to find his old classmates. A school class in Bytom, Poland. Half of the former students have emigrated to Germany. What has happened to them? And what happened to those that stayed in Poland? → more infos

The price of love

The price of the love devotes itself to the difficult subject of the care of children of employed parents in Germany. → more infos

Adventure Knowledge

Teamwork: of the essential cultural tecnics. The ability to work in a team enables the human to survive in a foreign environment. But how does joint action work? The work in a team? → more infos

Light.Anamorphosis Frankfurt

Andrzej Klamt und Jusin Peach attempt to capture and interpret the light installation Light.Anamorphosis Frankfurt of Wolfgang Rang at Luminale 2010 with the medium of film. → more infos

Why Die for Danzig?

The film "Why Die for Danzig?" reflects with a collage of interviews, rare archive footage and poetic images why of all, the city at the estuary of the Weichsel in the Baltic Sea turned into the location of two so important events of the 20th century. → more infos


halbtotal film produced around 30 reports for "Kulturzeit" by order of ZDF/3sat between 1995 and 2010. → more infos


halbtotal film produced around 15 reports for the theater magazine "Foyer" by order of ZDF/3sat between 2000 and 2010. → more infos

In foreign skin

The Second World War caused an unbelievable number of victims. Moreover it divided friends and destroyed families. One of those destructive elements, although not widely disputed, continuously affects people: a countless number of them lost their identity.Those who suffered mostly were children deported, lost or hidden somewhere. The majority of them recognized it later, the feeling of being alienated. Many of them start now, in their autumn of life, the challenging work of seeking their roots. → more infos

The Secret of Tunguska

TUNGUSKA - a myth like the legendary Atlantis or the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. A hundred years after the quaint detonation in the distant Siberia they are still searching for its cause. → more infos


A travel reportage in one of the unknown regions of Europe. Abkhasia - on of the scenically most beautiful landscapes at the Black Sea, shaped by the injuries of the Civil war and nowadays a political controversial subject between Russia and Georgia. → more infos

Theater in the Border Triangle

The film introduces the limit region located on the edge of the legendary Sudeten Mountains as a "theater landscape" with the cities of Görliz, Liberec and Jelenia Gora. → more infos

The family Schaffgotsch

A film about one of the most important German nobility sexes. A family that particularly characterized the culture and industry history of Silesia. → more infos

Disappeared without trace

The historical documentation traces the largely unknown destiny of German civilians who were deported in the Soviet Union after the Second World War. → more infos

The Promised Land

The eco-community Tiberkul in the south of Siberia is the largest alternatively living community with about 5,000 people in the world. The most inhabitants of Tiberkul are Russians and Ukrainians but also Germans and Americans have left their towns and followed the reputation of Vissarion the "Jesus of Siberia". → more infos


"Carpatia" stands for a multinational territory in the eastern centre of Europe. A terra incognita in most western European consciousness, and also cinematically an undiscovered domain.. → more infos

Who am I?

The documentary with autobiographical elements seeks German-Polish identity of Silesian people, which is placed probably somewhere between both languages and cultures. → more infos

Asked Children

This documentary based on interviews is addressed to the problems children have to fight with today. But we are not less interested in the wishes, dreams and the solutions for certain problems of the kids. → more infos

Heavenred and Hellblack

The film accompanies the artist Wanda Stokwisz at her work on the fresco "Pantokrator" in St. Mary's church in Hanau-Steinheim for one year. → more infos

The Crazy Theater Barn

This film tells about a quite special theater. A village theater on the edge of the Masuria. Founded by a Polish man and a German woman, the married couple Sobaszek, the unique theater center which is established in an old farm takes effect over the frontiers of Poland. → more infos

The Country of Nitschewo

The experimental film collage of Anatoli Skatchkov deals with the Russia legend in the German film of the twenties and thirties of the 20th century. → more infos

Dance of the Pinwheels

A film about one of the most important periods of the late Soviet cinema. Over the Ukrainian poetic or picturesque school and its main representative, the director and cameraman Juri Iljenko. → more infos

Stanislaw Lem

A portrait of the well-known european science fiction writer. One of the last film interviews given by the meanwhile legendary author. → more infos


A literary journey through Poland. The film presents the main authors of the country. → more infos

..."Sorry I'm still alive"

IAfter 1945 over 2.400 photographs saved in the former concentration camp, Auschwitz-Oswiecim, became collection of the museum located there after the war ended. The four people presented in the film survived Auschwitz, their memories go back to the time 60 years ago, when the photos were taken. → more infos


Portrait of an unknown beauty. Baku, a fascinating city at the crossroads of East and West. Stalin, Alfred Nobel and Rothschild Baron are just some of the well-known protagonists, within this with rare archival footage enriched documentation. → more infos


An approach to the world of Russian prison camps. Pelym is the name of a settlement and of one of the largest areas on the northern edge of the Urals. The name stands for remote penal colonies and 400 years of Russian exile and forced labor. → more infos

The drawer of the GULag

D.S.Baldajew has lost 58 relatives by the Stalin terror and his father was sitting in the Gulag, but he became member of the security apparatus. Baldajew describes how he as an apparently consenting audience came up close to the scenes of torture in order to draw them. A chronicler of brutal state terror and sadistic inhumanity. → more infos