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Black Box Syria - The dirty war


Black Box Syria - The dirty war
D 2020, 88 Min


A production of Halbtotal Film for ZDF
in cooperation with Arte, ZDFinfo and Phoenix


The war in Syria seems as impenetrable as a black box - the conflict began almost ten years ago and even today many people in the West have the feeling that they do not even understand who exactly is fighting against whom. Black Box Syria highlights the regional and international levels of the conflict, as well as the core problem: the totalitarian dictatorship of a family clan. The war in Syria has been shown in some great and impressive documentaries, from the subjective point of view of individual people. The ARTE documentary Blackbox Syria - The Dirty War by Andrzej Klamt and Manhal Arroub takes a different, previously untrodden path. The film focuses on the complex causes of the Syrian conflict and analyses the geopolitical intentions of the actors involved in the war. It chooses a polyphonic narrative style and allows all parties involved in the war to have their say. "Black Box Syria" thus achieves something that is often lost sight of: The rational, political, understandable analysis of a conflict that really concerns us all.


Ilham Ahmed, Zaher al-Saket, Yaakov Amidror, Sam Dagher, Can Dündar, Iyad El-Baghdadi, Wadih El Hayek, Robert Ford, Burhan Ghalioun, Hussein Ghrer, Hassan Hassan, Homam Hout, Salim Idris, Ibrahim Kalın, Mark Lowcock, Tobias Schneider, Sima Shine, Dmitri Trenin

Manhal Arroub, Andrzej Klamt
Andrzej Klamt
Expert advisor
Dr. Oliver M. Piecha
Film editor
Patrick Pardella

Frank Amann, Philip Flämig, Andrej Anenin, Laura Krestan, Mathieu Mazza, Mert Özkan, Harald Schmuck, Alex Sutula, Mauricio Vasques

Original sound
Moritz Beneke, Mike Glöckner
Sound mixing
Andreas Radzuweit
Georg Reichelt
Birgitta Assheuer, Sylvia Heid, Hanns Krumpholz, Gordon Piedesack, Oliver Wronka
Design and animation
White Rabbit Studio
Bernd Güßbacher, Tim Greiner, Sebastian Schnabel
Archiv research
Ronald Urbanczyk
Line Producer
Hennes Grossmann, Katharina Krohmann
Commissioning Editor
Martin Pieper, Türkan Schirmer, Christoph Caron
Fr. 2. Oktober 8 pm,
Caligari Filmbühne, Wiesbaden Germany
Di. 6. Oktober 2020 ARTE 8.15 pm
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