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Halbtotalfilm - Andrzej Klamt

Andrzej Klamt - Halbtotal Filmproduktion Wiesbaden25 years ago (1994) the filmmaker and producer Andrzej Klamt founded Halbtotal Filmproduktion in Wiesbaden.
As a passionate documentary filmmaker, Andrzej Klamt has taken his film material from the reality of the present and the past.
One focus of his work became the examination of the great theme of the 20th century. Thus, in the past 25 years, documentary films about totalitarianism of German and Soviet coinage have been produced. The films "Verzeihung, ich lebe" "Spurlos verschwunden" or "Pelym" belong to the most important works.

In addition to historical-political themes, two further thematic focuses soon developed; culture and religion. Andrzej Klamt and his production company see themselves as a cultural interface between Eastern and Western Europe. In many cases the films dealt with themes from Siberia, Poland or the Ukraine. In his films "Who am I" or "The Divided Class", the filmmaker deals with topics as important as identity, homeland and integration for today's Germany and Europe.

Halbtotal's films have been shown at numerous film festivals in Germany and abroad. Among the most important awards are the Arte Documentary Film Prize, the Hessian Film Prize, the German-Polish Journalism Prize and the FICA Prize. Most of the films were produced on commission or in co-production with renowned institutions and television stations such as ZDF, PBS, arte, 3sat, BR, canal+, TVN and the Hessian Film Fund. Halbtotal Film has also been directed by well-known directors such as Gordian Maugg and Christoph Schuch.

The Wiesbaden-based company has also co-produced many films with international partners. Among the co-producers are companies such as Apple Film Production (Warsaw) or Geyrhalter Filmproduktion from Vienna.