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Halbtotalfilm - Andrzej Klamt

Andrzej Klamt - Halbtotal Filmproduktion WiesbadenHalbtotal Films, founded by Andrzej Klamt, is specialised since 1994 in the creation and production of documentary formats. The range of productions reaches from TV features for cultural programs such as "Kulturzeit", "Foyer", "Aspekte", up to TV and cinema documentaries for the national and international market, such as the latest film Carpatia. Most of the documentaries are produced for, or are in coproduction with main TV stations such as BR, WDR, HR, arte, 3sat, canal+ and ZDF.

Halbtotal Films has also gathered experience in international co-productions. Verzeihung, ich lebe was produced with Canal+ and Aplle Film Production (Warsaw, Poland), and received the Hessian Film Award. The main emphasis of Andrzej Klamt's work lies on the interesting range that culture, society and history have to offer, in all their diversity. Focal points of his films include the examination of 20th-21st century totalitarianism, poetic/realistic observations of present day Central and Eastern Europe and the analysis of conflicts in religion and belief. He has also made many films, that deal with the fields of literature, theatre and art.