A selection of films from 1994
until today

Moments of history

Moments of history
D 2011, 410 Min.

A production of Halbtotal Film GmbH & Co.KG
on behalf of ZDF Enterprises.
In cooperation with the ZDF editorial department for contemporary history

Andrzej Klamt

These are one hundred 3-minute short films in their historical archive material, admissions of various original scenes as well as contemporary witness's interview into a picture of the most important events of the last 100 years of the history condense. Every film focuses on an event which stands on behalf for bigger historical connections.
The film series is conceived as a pilot project for a multimedia, program- and platform-overarching use in the ZDF group.
As a scientific partner the association "Gedächtnis der Nation" helps in the project.

Stefan Brauburger, Kristina Hollstein

Alexander Berkel, Stefan Brauburger, Christoph Caron, Michael Funken, Anja Greulich, Peter Hartl, Annette Harlfinger, Johanna Kaac, Stefan Mausbach, Jörg Mullner, Ursula Nellessen, Carl-Ludwig Paeschke, Simone Polier, Caroline Reiher, Friedrich Scherer, Sebastian Scherrer, Ricarda Schlosshan, Bärbel Schmidt-Sakic, Stefanie Schobel, Mario Sporn, Uli Weidenbach

Armin Riegel, Niko Zakarias, Michael Heerlein
Maurice Treffler
Archive research
Peter Kalvelage
Sound editing
Ingo Scholz, Marc Nordbruch
Recording studio
Sonaris/Stephan Höfler
Production assistant
Ronald Urbanczyk
Production manager
Daniel Güthert