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The price of love

Der Preis der Liebe
D 2015, 53 Min.

A production of Halbtotal Film GmbH & Co.KG
on behalf of ZDF and 3sat

Andrzej Klamt

Love and time have become raw materials – precious, scanty resources of a postmodern society where flexibility, especially on the job market, has become one of the most important demands. Therefore in the meantime many people pay the „price of the love“: Employed mothers and fathers who sometimes search long and desperately a care for their children or their parents. But also the women who come here from whole Europe and beyond to turn their time and their love into money by looking after old people and children – much too often illegally – to be able to bring through their families at home which they cannot visit for years sometimes. „The price of love“ tells about two sides of raw material trade that became ordinary

Director / Script
Katja Schupp
Hartmut Seifert
Detlev Schmelzenbach
Commission Editor
Claudia Ruete