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The divided class

The divided class
D/PL 2011, 80 Min.

A production of Halbtotal Film GmbH & Co.KG and Film Polska with the RBB. Supported with founds of the Hessian Film Foundation, the Polish Film Institute and the donation for German-Polish cooperation. The script was founded by the Robert-Bosch donation(Grenzgänger-Programm).

Director / Script
Andrzej Klamt

The author takes on a journey to find his old classmates.
A school class in Bytom, Poland. Half of the former students have emigrated to Germany. The other half of the class stayed in Poland. The main characters of the film are around 45 years old and in the prime of their lifes. They have experienced a lot and have passed their adolescence. In a way, they represent the fate of hundreds of thousands of Polish Emigrants, that tried to find a new home in Germany. The Film is about successful and failed integration in Germany. What has become of my friends and to my classmates? The film scetches the different paths of the "divided" class. Are those, that live in Germany now, happy, that their parents took them to the "golden" West, to the country of their ancestors?
What has happened to them?
And what happened to those that stayed in Poland.

Tomasz Michalowski
Justin Peach
Jacek Kwiatkowski
Andrzej Klamt, Maciej Zemojcin
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