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Adventure Knowledge - The Secret of High Performance Teams

Adventure Knowledge

Magazine broadcast
The Secret of High Performance Teams
D 2010, 30 Min.


A production of Halbtotal Film GmbH & Co.KG
on behalf of ZDF

Andrzej Klamt

Prof. Peter Pawlowsky of the professorship for staff and direction of the TU Chemnitz investigates with his group of scientists the practical action in high performance teams. He is in search of concepts, instruments and methods to influence the efficiency of organisations. With the help of insights in the different fields of the examination it is shown what distinguishes the teams of high performance: the handling of complex situations, the process velocity and the error prevention are the fundamental characteristics.
Prof. Michael Tomasello of the Max-Planck-Institutw (MPI) for evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig searches the uniqueness of the human and discovers it in the ability to cooperate. The human being - is for Tomasello the animal that advises. The animal that says "we". And that likes to cooperate.

Script / Director
Peter Kalvelage
Mirko Schernickau, Justin Peach
Armin Riegel
Georg Reichelt
Commission Editor
Harald Platz, Hannes Steinheimer