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until today

Licht.Anamorphose Frankfurt

Light.Anamorphosis Frankfurt

D 2010, 9 Min.
Short documentary
Halbtotal Film GmbH & Co.KG und and Studio Rang

Script / Director
Andrzej Klamt
Camera / Editor
Justin Peach

During the 5th Luminale (Festival of lightculture) people could experience how light installations can change the environment - among other things at Hauptwache Frankfurt. Here the architect and light artist Wolfgang Rang installed his Light Anamorphosis. His target: to change the consciess for a certain environment.
"The idea is to create a location that seems totally different as usually for a short time that is to say to get a "crazy perception" of this location. And later this location seems as if it is the addition of two images. On one hand the percepted "crazy" image on the other hand the reality, that can be perceived right know. For his installation Rang won the first prize of 30.000 Euro donated by the Mainova.