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Why Die for Danzig?

Why Die for Danzig?

D 2009, 45 Min.
Documentay, by order of ZDF/3sat

Andrzej Klamt
Preise & Auszeichnungen
Nomination for the German-Polish Prize of Journalists 2010 in the category television

The shots of the "Schleswig Holstein" at the military base "Westerplatte" heralded the Second World War the 1st of September 1939. With the foundation of the free trade union "Solidarnosc" the beginning of the end of the seperation of Europa fixed in Jalta by Stalin and the Allied Forces began fourty years later, as well in Danzig which was called Gdanks then. So Danzig is a symbol for the central, the hopeful and tragic events of the 20th century, like the Second World War and the protests of the employees. The film feels out the relation of the city Danzig and its worldhistorical events. Important people of Danzig like Günter Grass or Lech Walesa describe their sight of the city and its eventful history.

"Seminal Without glossing over and going deeper than 45 minuts permit Klamt suceeds in juxtaposing enclosed chapters of the past and European present, customs and consistencies. (...) Such a courage to directness, abdication of action, conciouss selection of little, exemplary stories could in demarcation to the Guido Knopp-School be the new trend within documetations of history."
(Kölner Stadtanzeiger, Christian Bartels)

Tomasz Michalowski
Jacek Kwiatkowsk
Armin Riegel
Georg Reichelt
Commission Editor
Anja Fix
Protagonists (amongst others)
Günter Grass, Stefan Chwin, Pawel Huelle, Lech Walesa