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Who am I?

Who am I?

Silesian Lifestories
Documentary film - D 2004, 88 Min.


Halbtotal Film GmbH & Co.KG
in coproduction with Bayerischen Rundfunk, supported with means of the Hessian Film Foundation.

Script / Director
Andrzej Klamt

The paths of life of the protagonists are typical for the destiny of a population living at a frontier. Especially nowadays, at a time of mobility and individual liberty, in which the definition native country seems to have got obsolete, the question about the roots of one's own becomes more and more pressingly for many people.
If somebody asks me: "Who are you?", I still have to swallow I have to say honestly. Although I already live over 30 years in Germany, I cannot simply say"I am German". I think up an answer spontaneously depending on day mood (Andrzej Klamt)
The documentary present artists: Joanna Helander, Stefan Stoppok, Augustyn Dyrda and the archbishop of the Catholic Church in Opole, Alfons Nossol.

Przemyslaw Kaminski
Armin Riegel
Artur Wieloch
Georg Reichelt, Stefan Stoppok
Commission Editor
Oskar Holl
Augustyn Dyrda, Joanna Koschyk-Helander, Stefan Stoppok, Alfons Nossol
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