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Abkhasia - a country hanging at poise


Report - D 2008, 30 Min.
Halbtotal Film GmbH & Co.KG with support of the Robert Bosch foundation (Grenzgänger-Programm)

Script / Director
Andrzej Klamt

Since the collapse of the Since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Caucasus became a match-ball of geopolitical interests. Particularly strong here it is to accent the engagement of the USA. The small Republic Abkhasia, which is not appreciated anywhere in the world plays a scecial role in this. In the Soviet time Abkhasia was a part of Georgia and because of its scenic attractions considered as the vacation paradise of the country. Still at the beginning of the nineties Abkhasia seperated from Georgia in a lossy war.
Since 1994 a 2000 man strong Russian peace-keeping force and UNO observer mission controll the fragile armistice of 1994.
The documentation introduces a country hardly known in Europe to the German spectators in this detail for the first time.

Maciej Zemojcin
Armin Riegel / Arnold Gralinski
Artur Wieloch
Alex Sonntag
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