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Back in the war - The Homecoming of Photographer Juri Kosin


Back in the war - The Homecoming of Photographer Juri Kosin
D 2022, 39 min.
by Andrzej Klamt

Produced by
Halbtotal Film on behalf of ZDF/3sat

Juri Kosin does not know what situation he will encounter in Irpin, but he does know that the world there will never be the same.
What images of destruction will Juri Kosin encounter when he returns home, what will his friends, his neighbours and other artists tell him?
The renowned photographer has been following the recent history of Ukraine since the 1980s. Some of his pictures have become icons: a Lenin monument lying on an open truck, impressions from the Chernobyl death zone, pictures from the Kiev Maidan in 2014. Now he depicts a war of aggression against his country.

Andrzej Klamt
Director of Photographie
Frank Amann
Marc Nordbruch
Sound Recording
Andrij Nidzelskyi
Music Composer
Georg Reichelt
Gergana Muskalla, Hanns-Jörg Krumpholz
Sound Mixing
Stephan Höfler
Michailo Popovietski
Production Management
Hennes Grossmann, Jörg Schmidt
Commisioning editors
Margarete Janikowski, Bettina von Pfeil
28.05.2022 at 7.20 pm on 3sat
Broadcast Dates
3sat - Do. 16.06.2022 19.20 am
ZDF - Mi. 06.07.2022 1.30 am
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