A selection of films from 1994
until today

Night over Germany

Nacht über Deutschland
D 2013, 45 Min.

A ZDF production with participation of Halbtotal Film GmbH & Co.KG as custom producer for motion picture scenes.

First broadcasting
ZDF: 05.11.2013

The historical documentation describes the events of the Progromnacht in November 1938 from the point of view of participants and observers, on the side of the victims and the culprits. Oppressive, partly up to now unpublished archive material provides a picture of indifference and approval with the unprecedented processes. Play scenes show what people had to suffer at that time and how they got in the suction of violence.
Beside Günter Lamprecht, Georg Stefan Troller, at that time in Vienna, and Rolf Abrahamsohn, at that time in Marl, tell how they experienced the turn of an era on their own body. Also Rudolf van Nahl who stood in front of the burning synagogue of his Rhenish home town in the Alps confirms in the retrospect: All this happened in the middle of the life, in the whole country, in front of everyone. Günter Lamprecht has retained hit outrage until today, whenever simple slogans and uniform behaviour suppress human sensations.

Director / Script
Peter Hartl, Gordian Maugg
Director of photography
Anthony Miller, Christian Baumann
Szenische Kamera
Lutz Reitemeier
Roland Rebscher
Wolfgang Daut, Armin Riegel
Production manager
Christoph Schuch, Ronald Urbanczyk
Production manager ZDF
Carola Ulrich
Production assistant
Carolin Auer
Set decor
Babett Klimmeck
Stefan Brauburger, Friedrich Scherer
Gudrun Leyendecker

Wolfgang Zechmayer, Ecco Mylla, Ulrike Knobloch, Amadeus Gollner, Lisa Jopt, Hendrik Massute, Kai Börner, Stefan Bley, Hans-Peter Struppe, Tim Rietz, Stepan Diakov, Hans-Siegmund Schultze, David Weyl, Victor Harvey, Vincent Hagn, Sos Petrosyan, Tigran Petrosyan, Robert Menke, Torsten Imber, Ulrich Kritzler, Sven Bräuer, Kohannes Kienast, Louis El-Gussein