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Bis zum Tod und weiter - Theater und Lebensgrenzen
D 2012, 45 Min.

A production of Halbtotal Film GmbH & Co.KG
in cooperation with the Schlosstheater Moers

Director / Script
Andrzej Klamt

In the playing time in 2011/2012 the Schlosstheater Moers dealt with the key subject death. The centre of "überGehen" was the research project "Elefant im Raum" - about the life and death of ill children. The documentary film "Bis zum Tod und weiter" accompanies the theatre producers at their work and shows theatrical fragments, talks with ill children and everyday life in a hospital. The film empathetically shows the unusual view of the children to their illness and to death.

Directors of photography
Vladimir Majdandzic, Ronald Urbanczyk
Ronald Urbanczyk
Volker Schmid
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