A selection of films from 1994
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Der Zeichner des GULag

The drawer of the GULag
Dokumentary - D 1994, 72 Min/30 Min

A coproduction of Halbtotal Film GmbH & Co.KG and Tonfilm Frankfurt

Hans Peter Böffgen, Andrzej Klamt
Hans Peter Böffgen
Hans Peter Böffgen, Andrzej Klamt

D.S.Baldajew is a former prison warden and police detective from St. Petersburg. The son of a "people's enemy," comes to Leningrad in 1958 and began his career with the NKVD. As an excellent staff he works his way up from the prison guard up to the successful criminal police officer for serious crimes.
The documentary shows him drawing large sheets of paper - pictures of torture and other atrocities of the camp and prison life. He says he works "like a photo camera" to accuse the "cruel system", for which he has worked.