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Fortune’s Shepherd

Fortune’s Shepherd
D 2015, 53 Min.
Halbtotal Film GmbH & Co.KG on behalf of ZDF/arte
Director / Script
Andrzej Klamt

Murman Lomia is head of his family and goat shepherd – every year in summer he sets out in the high Caucasus. The driving up of herd to Alpine pastures is the climax of the year in the life of the shepherd's family. Murman finds his luck on top of the mountains. For 20 years no foreigners were in the remote mountains of Abkhazia. The arte film team took a chance and visited the terra incognita. The film shows pictures of an untouched and isolated mountain world and his inhabitants on the edge of Europe.
The inhabitants of the mountain village of Arasandsych still belong to the last Abkhazians who cultivate the old traditions of the country. Shamanistic seeming fertility rites, archaic cult of the dead and unusual hospitality are shown in the documentation.

Tomasz Michalowski
Sound / Editor
Justin Peach
Georg Reichelt
Sound mixer
Stephan Höfler
Caroline Auert
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