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Duel with Hitler


Mein Kampf mit Hitler - „Machtergreifung“ 1933
D 2013, 45 Min.


A production of Halbtotal Film GmbH & Co.KG
on behalf of ZDF


As a 25-year-old legal trainee Sebastian Haffner experienced the assumption of power of Hitler in Berlin in 1933. He became a witness of a dramatic upheaval which changed also his life fundamentally. His best friend had to emigrate hastily, the love to a young Jewish woman broke up. Haffner himself could avoid the whirlpool from terror and seduction less and less. His life became a dangerous tightrope walk between adaptation and refusal. He emigrated to England in 1938. Decades after the war he was one of the most famous journalists of the Bonn republic.

On the basis of the posthumous appeared best-seller "Geschichte eines Deutschen" the authors Peter Adler and Gordian Maugg describe the assumption of power of Hitler from the personal view of Sebastian Haffner. His descriptions are those of an observer who reflected not only the behaviour of his contemporaries critically, but also the own. His language is clear and decided, it describes a situation between fear and hope, currying favour and loathing.

„Duell mit Hitler“ is a scenic documentation with which "ZDFzeit" puts a program accent at the 80th anniversary of the "assumption of power". Play scenes and documentary pictures condense high lightening oppressive historical moments like the Reichstag fire, the occupation of the Berlin chamber court by the SA and the "Jew's boycott" in April, '33. Ludwig Blochberger as Sebastian Haffner, Michael Mendl as his father and Sybille Weiser as Haffner’s friend Charlie reflect the fury and desperation, the adaptation and resignation of those day.

Script / Directors
Peter Adler, Gordian Maugg
Frank Amann
Justin Peach, Monika Schindler
Roland Rebscher
Stefan Brauburger
Ludwig Blochberger, Sybille Weiser, Michael Mendl, Jannik Büddig
First broadcastin
ZDF: 22.01.2013