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In foreign skin

In foreign skin

Children searching their lost identity
D 2009, 52 Min.
Documentary, in coproduction with ZDF/arte

Script / Director
Andrzej Klamt / Peter Hartl

The documentary portraits four people from different parts of Europe, who want to know, who they were, when born during the war.
Ulla Nielsen is a psychologist in Greenland. Since the war ended, she went through a real odyssey through orphanages and adopted families. After that she found the cause - Her father was a soldier from the invading German army. Finally Ulla meets some of her relatives. Michael Reiner is a beekeeper in East Tirol and speaks the local dialect. Today he realizes his ancestors are Ukrainian Cossacks. The German conductor Dieter Stanzleit finds himself heir to the throne of Romania, who disappeared in the storms of the war. At the age of 35 the catholic priest Romuald Waszkinel from Poland receives the information that he was born in a Jewish ghetto.
All those characters ask themselves: Where am I from? Who are my real parents? And finally, who am I actually?

Mirko Schernickau, Philip Flämig, Vladimir Majdandzic
Armin Riegel
Arnold Gralinski, Claudia Leder
Georg Reichelt
Commission Editor
Martin Pieper, Christian Deick
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