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The Secret of Tunguska

The Secret of Tunguska

Documentary - D 2008, 45 Min.
Halbtotal Film GmbH & Co.KG in coproduction with ZDF/3sat and the support of essenInvestFilm.
Distribution by ZDF Enterprises


It probably was the biggest detonation in the history of human being that shook the region Tunguska in Sibiria the morning of June the 30th in 1908.
With the force of one thousand atomic bombs a woodland in the size of the Saarland is destroyed.
A hundred years after the misterious bang the film is attending the german geologist Christoph Brenneisen during his expedition in the impactarea. He would like to ultimately solve the secret, till this day a crater or another piece of evidence is still missing to give an idea for the cause. The film gives an exiting insight into the actual investigation of Tunguska and presents legitimate and bizarre theories at the same time.

"...The Filmmaker Christoph Schuch succeeds in merging pop, science and seeing spooks in a balanced way and to provide a solid and exiting piece of TV journalism."
- FAZ, Ulf von Rauchhaupt

"Christoph Schuchs Film "The Secret of Tunguska" looks into the different myths and gamblings and is a little piece of luck in managing it within the seriousness of a scientifical documentation to break with its characteristic style in a fantastic absurd way: The film readjust the strangest conspiracy theories with animations that remind of Monty Phyton."
- taz, Steffen Grimberg

Christoph Schuch
Ute Mügge-Lauterbach, Christoph Schuch
Philip Flämig
Stefan Heintzenberg
Georg Reichelt
Commission Editor
Catrin Powell
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