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Murderers among us


Mörder unter uns.
Fritz Bauers einsamer Kampf
D 2014, 45 Min.

An in-house production of the ZDF
Director / Script
Peter Hartl, Andrzej Klamt

He was the exception of post war justice: Fritz Bauer, Hesse's Attorney General, who confronted the German in a sensational trial 50 years ago with what's happened in Auschwitz, stood widely alone in his profession. "If I leave my office I enter enemy outland", he railed in circle of friends with wicked humor. The overwhelming majority of his colleagues had already worn their robe in the sign of the Swastika and tried to ignore the crimes of the past.
In clear contrast to the mentality to draw a line under history Fritz Bauer opened the eyes of his compatriots to the abysses of the dictatorship in the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trials. His mission was the enlightenment. On the bottom of the rule of law, he publicly negotiated the devastating effects the dominion of injustice had, in an effort to prevent its recurrence.

Director of photography
Anthony Miller
Nanni Leitner
Christian Baumann
Production manager
Achim Seegebrecht
Annette Tewes
Manfred Amend, Inge Deutschkron, Heinz Düx, Ilse Staff, Ronen Steinke, Johannes Warlo, Günter Wehrheim, Gerhard Wiese
First broadcasting
ZDF: 26.01.2014