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The Crazy Theater Barn

The Crazy Theater Barn

Dokumentary - D 2002, 45 Min.
by order of ZDF/3sat

Script / Director
Andrzej Klamt

For the visitors from the west almost at the back of beyond, at the edge of the Masuria in the small village Wegajty in Warmia (Ermland) a barn with a special character is located. The actors of the "Village Theater Wegajty" are a promiscious bunch from Poles, Germans, Ukrainians and Scots.
The special at the performances in Wegajty is also that the spectators don't simply go home after the play is finished. Accompanied by violin, double bass and accordion the guests are dragged into a roaring dance celebration. The boundaries between theater and lives are dissolving.

Vladimir Majdandzic, Ilja Podgaetski
Eva Voosen
Artur Wieloch
Commission Editor
Jo Schmidt
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