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Art front - Ukrainian artists in a state of emergency


Art front - Ukrainian artists in a state of emergency
D 2023, 37 min.
by Andrzej Klamt


A production of Halbtotal Film on behalf of ZDF/3sat


In Kiev's centre for contemporary art "Dakh" theatre is performed, rehearsals, performances and concerts take place. The children's choir "Shchedryk" also continues to practise in Kiev. On the city's largest stage, the Ivan Franko Theatre, Brecht's "The Resistible Rise of of Arturo Ui" is being staged for the current occasion. The painter Oleksandr Liapin is showing his disturbing series of works "My Head Explodes".
What occupies the minds and hearts of artists in Ukraine? What does it mean to create art under permanent threat and fear? Who do they reach with it? And what does the solidarity of artists from abroad mean to them? The British graffiti artist Banksy travelled undercover to Kiev and painted graffiti on walls for the people of Ukraine.

Written/Directed by
Andrzej Klamt
Denis Melnik
Marc Nordbruch
Wolodymyr Rudenko, Georg Reichelt
Andrij Nidzelskyi
Hanns Krumpholz, Viola Pobitschka, Moritz Pliquet
Sound mixing
Stephan Höfler
Production managers
Hennes Großmann, Jörg Schmidt, Marina Orekhova
Commissioning editors
Margarete Janikowski, Bettina von Pfeil
Bohdan Tokarskyi, Janeck Altshuler
TV premiere
Saturday 18.02.2023 at 19.20 on 3sat
Special screening
Thursday 2 March at 8 pm Caligari Filmbühne Wiesbaden
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