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Anne Frank and the children of war


Anne Frank and the children of war
D 2015

An in-house production of the ZDF
Director / Script
Peter Hartl, Andrzej Klamt

Hundreds of thousands got into the machinery of the organized racial mania of the Nazis: innocent children, including the Jewish girl Anne Frank. Her diary entries are among the most impressive testimonies of the will to survive in times of destruction and death.

In March 1945 she dies in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp of typhus - just before the liberation by British soldiers. Other children survive the hell of the NS-tracking like the famous director Roman Polanski. As representative of a whole generation he and other survivors describe the suffering of children in times of war and Holocaust.

Director of photography
Anthony R. Miller, Christian Baumann
Editor / Animation
Christoph Schuhmacher
Georg Reichelt, Bernhard Hering
Commission Editor
Friedrich Scherer
Hennes Grossmann
Roman Polanski, Halina Bukowiecka, J. van Maarsen
First broadcasting
ZDF: 08.03.2015