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The family Schaffgotsch

The family Schaffgotsch

Chronicle of a forgotten nobility family
Documentary in cooperation with the University of Passau and the historical Kommision Silesia. Promoted with means of the BKM
D 2007, 35 Min.

Script / Director
Andrzej Klamt

The old Silesian-Bohemian nobility sex of the Schaffgotsch with the headquarters in today's Polish Cieplice (Bad Warmbrunn) was until the dissolving of the German empire 1945 one of the most important and second richest nobility families of Germany. The war defeat and the dissolving of the German Empire as well as the loss of Silesia in 1945 marks a break in the history of the Schaffgotsch. The year 1974 is dated as a definite date for the disintegration of the "Schaffgotsch empire" . The film tells the story of this powerful family and shows a genre picture of a little known prewar Germany at the same time.
The two main protagonists are extremely interesting contemporary witnesses of a lost epoch.

Vladimir Majdandzic
Armin Riegel, Sven Haeberlein
Claudia Leder
Georg Reichelt
Hans-Ulrich von Schaffgotsch, Sophie von Aretin geb. Schaffgotsch
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