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The Promised Land - A Siberian Utopia

The Promised Land

A Siberian Utopia
Documentary - D 2007, 30 Min.
in Coproduction with ZDF/3sat

Script / Director
Andrzej Klamt

They come from Russia, Germany, Belgium or China, about 5,000 people have followed the reputation Vissarions by now.ybr> So calls himself the former metalworker and traffic policeman Sergej Torop who experienced an awakening in 1991 and sees himself as a religion founder of the "church of the last will" and "Jesus of Siberia". Since 1995 he gathers followers around himself in the southern Siberia shortly before the Mongolian limit.
Feeling atrracted by a mixture of religion, ecology and new sense of community the people life simply and nature-loving. The film confronts the hopes and longings of Vissarions followers with his claim to be the new Messiah.

Maciej Zemojcin
Armin Riegel, Iwan Olelenko
Thomas Janssen
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